whale computers

In the new curriculum computing is seen to be vital in helping children understand the digital world around them. Computational thinking is more about teaching young children problem-solving than coding languages. The intellectual skills they will gain will be useful for whatever they do in life.

In our school we use a variety of different technology to support the curriculum and our aim is to apply the computing skills we teach them, across all subject areas.

In Years 1 and 2, your child will be taught to:

  • Understand what algorithms are (a set of step-by-step instructions for carrying out a function), how they are used as programs on digital devices, and that programs work by following these precise instructions.
  • Create and debug (find and remove errors from) simple computer programs.
  • Use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.
  • Use technology to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.
  • Recognise common uses of information technology in the wider world.
  • Use technology safely and respectfully, keeping their personal information private.
  • Know where to go for help and support if they’re worried about anything they see on the internet or other online technologies.


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